Our Team

Our staff is highly-skilled in professional diamond-cutting, ensuring quality work and finishes.

Thokos Diamonds

Thoko Zwane

After more than a decade as a diamond polisher, Thoko Zwane decided to take a brave step towards growth in the diamond industry. In 2004, she established Thoko’s Diamonds.

Thoko Zwane was later joined by her son Zipho Dlamini.

Thokos Diamonds

Zipho Dlamini

Zipho Dlamini is the co-owner of Thoko’s Diamonds.

Since Zipho joined Thoko’s Diamonds, the company’s client base has increased significantly, and now trades globally. With a good business acumen, he is a strong negotiator with good business development and client relationship management skills.

Our Great Team

75% of Thoko’s Diamonds’ staff complement is made up of women – this stems from Thoko’s Diamonds’ values of empowering women in the diamond industry.